Outbreak Investigation and In-Theatre Diagnostics Using Real-Time PCR

In small, front-line (role 2) MTFs, the only diagnostic techniques usually available with which suspected outbreaks of infection can be investigated are malaria microscopy and rapid immunochromatographic tests. This means that the diagnostic range is very narrow while, at the same time, the results produced by rapid tests may be of little value in view of the limited sensitivity and specificity of these methods. The use of culture-based infection diagnostic techniques is only possible where the full infrastructure of a microbiological field laboratory is at hand; such laboratories are not widely present and are generally only provided in role 3 facilities. In circumstances in which reaction time can represent a crucial factor, the fact that medical facilities cannot always be transported by air becomes a problem. The management of time-related factors is a particular challenge in relation to the diagnosis of the outbreaks of infections. This challenge can be overcome using recently developed molecular techniques, specifically real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which has already been successfully used by the German Armed Forces to investigate epidemics and to monitor personnel in tropical theatres of operation.

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Events • 11-04-2014 - 11-07-2014

7th International Conference of The Royal Medical Services

4th ICMM Pan Arab Regional Working Group Congress on Military Medicine

Events • 11-12-2014 - 11-13-2014

2nd International Congress on Disaster and Military Medicine

It will take place on November 12 and 13, 2014 and is organized by the BETA Media Publishing Group, under the auspices of the Medical Corps International Forum (MCIF), powered by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

Events • 11-13-2014

NATO Industry Forum 2014

The NATO-Industry Forum addresses a recognised need for an elevated strategic dialogue between NATO and industry to ensure that the Alliance benefits from the best solutions to military requirements, within expected budget and time constraints, now and in the foreseeable future.

Events • 11-18-2014 - 11-21-2014


The topics to be covered in this seminar are:





In addition to the special aspects of military evacuation, natural disasters or terrorist attacks often result in so many victims at one time that the capacities of civilian air ambulances are quickly exceeded. Governmental, e.g. military back-up for such situations may be one of the answers. This article describes the concept for Strategic Airmedevac of the German Armed Forces.

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Medical Lessons from OPERATION MOSHTARAK Phase 2

This paper is a narrative description of the planning and execution of the medical support plan for OP MOSHTARAK, the Combined Team security operation in the towns of Nad Ali and Marjah of Central Helmand in February and March 2010. The aim is to describe the key events that influenced the development of the medical plan and how these unfolded during the operation in order to identify observations and lessons learned to improve processes for managing medical support to future operations. The paper illustrates how the principles for planning and managing medical operations are applied in practice.

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Improving Outcomes in Resuscitation Focus

February 6, 2014—CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, today announced that, in cooperation with the Emirates Cardiac Society (ECS), it will host the first Dubai Cardiac Arrest Symposium on February 22 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Rd.).

News • 01-30-2014 • Company News

CAE Healthcare sells record 44 Caesar Trauma Patient Simulators to United States Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)

Montreal, Canada, December 11, 2013 –– CAE Healthcare announced today the record sale of 44 Caesar trauma patient simulators to the United States Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) for tactical medical care field training in sites throughout the U.S., Guam and Spain. In addition to the simulators, CAE Healthcare will provide NECC training and multi-year maintenance services. The total contract is valued at more than $3 million.

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CAE Healthcare unveils CAE Fidelis Maternal Fetal Simulator at world’s largest healthcare simulation conference

San Francisco, California, U.S.A., January 24, 2014 –– CAE Healthcare announced today that it will unveil theCAE Fidelis™ Maternal Fetal Simulator at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), the world’s largest annual conference dedicated to healthcare simulation. Based on widely accepted and validated models of maternal-fetal physiology, the childbirth simulator will offer human-like vital signs and responses for practice of obstetrical emergencies and labor and delivery scenarios.

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The Casevac Stretcher by Flamor is now tested for airworthiness.


Novel Smallpox Vaccine – Increasing Resilience against the Ultimate Biorisk

Infectious disease threats are a continuous challenge for society and military services, and may originate from both naturally-occurring and deliberately introduced pathogens and toxins. Contrasting natural infectious disease outbreaks, biological weapons are based on microbial agents, subjected to weaponization and subsequent dissemination. A long history of development and usage of biological weapons by both state and non-state actors, including a rise of terrorist groups exhibiting interest in such asymmetric weapons usage, underscores the importance of prevention, response and recovery against this class of weapons.

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Vigorous Warrior

“Interoperability will not work in a joint and multinational environment if forces do not practice, train and exercise together."

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Medical Advisor Shape

MCIF is very pleased to continue the series about the chiefs of military medical service with Brigadier General Istvan Kopcsó, Allied Command Operations

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Care Lexicon – A Series to Collect

In the following article treatment options are described as well as materials and techniques that have been developed for use in the treatment of wounds in their various stages. This article makes no claim to be an exhaustive review of the subject but is intended to provide examples of each treatment option only.

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The Military Medical Service of the Republic of Macedonia

The Military Medical Service (MMS) of the Macedonian Army (ARM)consists of one Military Medical Center and several Military Clinics.
The Military Medical Service is capable of providing medical support to units during exercises and missions as well as to delegations. It also provides humanitarian assistance to civilian organizations and others. In 1997, 2011 and 2013, the MMS organized international medical exercises. Its medical personnel has been trained at home as well as abroad (Turkey, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, USA).

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Saving Life and Limb – an Ethical Dilemma

Life- and limb-saving surgery in a level 1 trauma centre can be carried out with almost unlimited resources in western countries. In the austere environment military surgery is well organised up to the level of a role III facility and for allied forces transfer to a role IV facility results in optimal care for the severely injured. However, when local victims are presented to a role II/III facility transfer to a level 1 trauma centre is not feasable, and the optimal medical care available will be a role III military hospital combined with local facilities. This can lead to adapted medical decision making, taking into account rules of engagement and ethical aspects.
This case presentation demonstrates the potential of life- and limb-saving surgery, including secondary reconstructive procedures.

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2nd International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine 2014

It will take place on November 12 and 13, 2014 and is organized by the BETA Group, under the auspices of the Medical Corps International Forum (MCIF), powered by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

Almanac - Military Medical Corps Worldwide

The forth edition of Almanac - Military Medical Corps Wordwide is now available.

The Almanac accurately reflects the contemporary status of the military medical services of more than 86 countries, such as the number of existing military hospitals, institutes and armed forces personnel.